About us

AngelKissLoveDoll was established in 2022, which is one of the most professional silicone sex doll brand in the world. We are focus on high quality silicone dolls. We belongs to the same factory as the famous WMDOLLS brand.

Every detail of material ratio, touch feeling, product life cycle, makeup matching, etc. has been studied by each professional department. Only to give customers the most satisfied silicone doll.

  • The latest and most perfect silicone Real Oral Sex head, with a realistic chin and mouth, gives you the most authentic feeling.

    Real Oral Sex (ROS) 
  • The exclusively developed breathing function is applied to the latest and the safest silicone dolls. Make it come to life!

    Breathing Feature 


Breathing Feature

  • High end seller certification

    Dolls developed for middle and high-end markets, strictly control quality and unified market price.

  • Factory quality assurance

    Focus on production details and never let go of any defects. Professional QC management ensures that 100% of the products are in the best state when they are shipped.

  • One to one sales service

    24x7 professional sales representatives provide services, any problems will be solved within one day.

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